TCB Commercial Cleaning


About TCB Commercial Cleaning

TCB Commercial Cleaning is a local family-owned professional cleaning company.  The dream of owning their own business finally came to light for the owners of TCB Commercial Cleaning in 2014.

Dawn and Rick, true Florida Natives, let their entrepreneurial drive and passion lead them down the long road of turning their vision into a reality. 

Dawn started out years ago working for other cleaning companies. Cleaning banks, theaters, restaurants, all types of office buildings, apartment/home move outs and owner occupied homes. She has also been on the other side of the equation by working in an office environment and being in charge of the companies cleaning accounts, often times wondering why it was so hard to find decent help in this business. Finally she and Rick made the decision to open their own business offering quality service with integrity based business practices.

The owners of TCB Commercial Cleaning are dedicated to building the right team and delivering the customer service and quality they have come to expect in their own personal lives.

The service you receive from TCB is far superior than what you are used to. Of course you will receive all the regular services your accustomed to but you also receive the no extra cost.  Those little forgotten areas that never get discussed but none the less need attention.  That's what they do.