TCB Commercial Cleaning


It's Our Business to Take Care of Your Business!

My Business Goal:  My goal as the owner of TCB is to always be the main person at your establishment when it is being serviced. Depending on size of the account, I may have service personnel that accompany me to clean. This is why I'm very selective in the accounts I accept.  I will never take on accounts that will not allow me to manage my time successfully.

Customer Satisfaction:

You have a choice in cleaning services and when you choose us we want to make sure you keep us. We constantly monitor our service, as well as your satisfaction with it, through walk throughs, email and phone conversations, making sure you are happy with us.  In the case of any emergency, we offer all accounts a 24 hour emergency number.                                            You will never be left without our help, at any time of day or night.

TCB Guarantee:

We stand behind our work!  

If you are not 100% satisfied with the cleaning job we performed than it's free.  It's that simple.


We partner with the leading janitorial suppliers to furnish you with the best possible cleaning agents and supplies. If requested, we will provide an MSDS folder on site with all the appropriate data on each chemical used in your service.

Employee Training:

The careful training of our service personnel is what sets us apart along with owner operations.  We give a detailed orientation on use of chemicals, use of equipment, and appropriate behavior at the work site.  With owner operations we are able to assure that any transition is made without any change to the quality of service.  We are an equal opportunity employer.